Product samples
Main technical parameters
3 Layer extrusion machine with rotary die, double winder, with high quality.
Three-layer Co-extrusion Internal Bubble Cooling Haul-off Rotary Film Product Line:
1.Die head is layer type spiral mandrel, continuous 360 rotations.

2.Screen pack changer design is reliable, safe in operation and change the fitter screen easier. 

3.Various functional parts may be installed to the lies., such as length counting device, vertical cutting device, cooling water row pipe, film spreading roller, scrap collecting device. 
Optional equipment:
1.Auto Loader
2.Film Surface treater
3.Air compressor
4.Air cooling device
5.Die rotary device
6.Mechanics screen changer
7.Double wind

Three-layer Co-extrusion Internal Bubble Cooling Haul-off Rotary Film Product Line
The lines are designed developed by our corporation according to market need, they reach the advanced levels in the 90s, come up with analogous lines in home.
It is optimum designed on the trounds of preference   of analogous lines in foreign and home. The lines can be blown continuous 800/1500mm in fold width 0.08mm
in the thickness packaging films, film has good insulation, for instance holding temperature, antihumid, antibreeze, anti-rain, anti-rost, insulation oxygen, oil resistive, and so used for light and heavy-duty packaging, for example fresh fruits, meat-feeding, salt vegetables, fresh milk, drink.

Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, which is a film blowing machine (three-layer co extrusion, ABA film blowing machine), printing machine (high-speed flexographic printing machine)
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