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SJ-60(70) Single-screw Double-die Film Blowing Machine
Zhuxin’s SJ-60(70) Single-screw Double-die Film Blowing Machine is very popular amongst bag producers of T-shirt, supermarket, flat, garbage and bottom-sealed bags (ranges from 200~600mm in width, in HDPE and LDPE). This high speed line provides a much faster return on investment comparing to a blown film machine equipped with IBC. In the SJ-60(70) Single-screw Double-die Film Blowing Machine, one can reach much higher output even when producing at small film width. It is the perfect choice for bag makers who are looking for less expensive machines with higher output and good film quality.

Zhejiang Zhuxin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, which is a film blowing machine (three-layer co extrusion, ABA film blowing machine), printing machine (high-speed flexographic printing machine)
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