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What are the common faults of film

  • Time:2020-05-24
Film blowing machine can produce various specifications of packaging bags, plastic packaging bags are more common. In our life, plastic packaging bags are everywhere, so the credit of film blowing machine can not be underestimated. However, the film blowing machine sometimes "plays a little grumpy" and has some small faults. We all know that the equipment failure will affect the production, so these faults should be paid attention to. The causes and solutions of the common faults of the film blowing machine are as follows:
The bubble tube of the film blowing machine is skewed:
1. The temperature of fuselage and mouth film is too high
2. Over temperature of edge connector
3. Uneven film thickness
1. Reduce the body temperature and film temperature
2. Properly reduce the temperature of edge connector
3. Adjust film thickness
The film blowing machine is a little white or colloidal particles:
1. Impurities in raw materials
2. Broken filter screen
3. Uneven particle mixing
1. Screening of raw materials
2. Change filter screen
3. Strictly control the kneading and material making process
The film surface of the film blowing machine is blooming:
1. Low temperature of body or mouth film
2. Screw speed too fast
3. Screw temperature too high or too low
4. Unreasonable formula of polyethylene (too much lead salt stabilizer or too much cold resistant plastic agent)
1. Properly raise the temperature of fuselage and orifice membrane
2. Reduce the speed properly
3. Adjust screw cooling medium flow
4. Improved formula
Uneven film thickness of film blowing machine:
The film blowing machine can not be pulled:
1. Head temperature too high or too low
2. Single side thickness difference is too large
1. Adjust the temperature of the machine
2. Adjust single side thickness
After the failure of the film blowing machine, we should not panic too much. We usually accumulate more experience when operating the film blowing machine. For some common failures, we just need to find out the corresponding causes and solutions.
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