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Precautions for maintenance of film blowing machine

  • Time:2020-05-24
1. During the transportation of the film blowing machine, due to the possible damage of the electrical components or the fall off of the wire head, strict inspection should be carried out first. In order to ensure personal safety, the machine switch must first be grounded, then connected to the power supply, and then strictly check the correct operation of all parts of the motor, pay attention to leakage.
2. During installation, the center line of extruder head and the center of traction roller shall be adjusted to be horizontal and vertical without deviation.
3. After the main engine is opened, pay close attention to the operation of the main engine, adjust and correct the electrical instruments and controllers in time, observe whether there is any abnormality or damage, and repair and replace them to ensure their normal operation.
4. When starting the main motor, start the motor first, then accelerate slowly to reach the required speed and then stabilize; when closing the main motor, slow down first and then stop.
5. The main gearbox and traction reducer of the film blower shall be frequently oiled and the gear oil shall be replaced. For the new machine, please replace the new gear oil about 10 days after use to ensure the normal operation of each rotating part, prevent the operation difficulty and overheating damage, check the fastening of each connecting part, and prevent the bolt from loosening.
6, the compressed air in the foam pipe should be kept balanced, because the compressed air will leak during the traction process, so as to achieve the effect of timely replenishment.
7. Clean and replace the head filter screen frequently to prevent blocking, and prevent the plastic particles from mixing into the iron nails, sand, stone and other impurities from falling into the cylinder, so as to avoid damaging the screw and cylinder.
8. It is forbidden to operate without material. When the temperature of barrel, tee and die head fails to meet the requirements, the main engine cannot be started.
9. When winding, pay attention to the coordination of traction speed and winding speed, gradually increase the outer diameter of the winding, and adjust it in time.
10. When the film blowing machine is preheating, the heating time should not be too long or too high to avoid blocking the material mouth; if possible, the automatic temperature control system can be used to automatically, stably, conveniently and safely set the upper and lower tolerance temperature.
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