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Top 25 industries with the highest demand

  • Time:2020-05-24
Piworld, the U.S. printing industry portal, released the printing industry overview forecast of "hot market for printing demand in 2018-2019". The annual research project identified the top 25 industries with the highest demand for printing products in 2018-2019 by making statistics, correlation and summary of multiple resources and information.
Among the 25 industries (markets), the top three are food packaging printing, medical / pharmaceutical and publishing printing. The demand for food packaging printing ranks first, while the pharmaceutical industry and pharmaceutical packaging remain second. The traditional print centric publishing / non newspaper industry jumped from fifth in 2017 to third.
At first glance, this seems to go against the trend of social development, especially considering that in recent years, people have not been optimistic about paper media, and think that traditional printing products are in the end. However, this does not take into account the surge in demand for short-term, special interest, personalized print publications.
Therefore, the book publishing market has also been proved to be flexible, and e-books have not completely replaced the traditional printed books. On demand publishing, self-service publishing, personalized content customization and other markets are rising rapidly.
Bank / insurance dropped from third place in 2017 to fifth place in 2018. Commercial banks are threatened by the potential rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. This year, the insurance / property / casualty industry has suffered claims from multiple hurricanes and major forest fires.
In the top 25 hot markets last year, the federal / state government forecast a 8% reduction in printing demand due to reduced spending. Despite a substantial increase in the federal budget in 2018. Mallardi pointed out that printing opportunities still exist in politically advantageous institutions, such as the Ministry of defense and homeland security. By contrast, demand for links to the United Nations, public broadcasting, and education programs sponsored by NASA and the Department of agriculture will diminish. In terms of energy, it also failed to break through the top 25 again this year, and printing demand is expected to further decline by 15%.
All in all, in 2018-2019, in the printing industry, highly targeted sales professional printing equipment knowledge about how to serve, solve problems and fully understand industry pain points becomes more critical than ever. This may require a reassessment of the existing printing machine sales force, or a more specialized and experienced sales representative to replace the universalist, so as to provide printing enterprises with more detailed expertise, professional printing equipment and personalized services

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