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Daily maintenance of film blowing machine is

  • Time:2020-05-24
Film blowing machine is a very important mechanical equipment in the plastic film industry, which is divided into many kinds, mainly including: PE film blowing machine, POF film blowing machine, PVC film blowing machine and so on. As we all know, any equipment needs to do a good job in daily maintenance, the same is true for the film blowing machine, and its daily maintenance work is very important, which helps to extend its service life.
Daily maintenance of film blowing machine:
1. Check whether the temperature automatic control is in good condition, whether the heating device is in good condition, and whether the temperature of each point is within the index range.
2. Check whether the film width, thickness control and traction speed are accurate.
3. Check whether the ratio and mixing of raw materials meet the standards.
4. Observe whether the film thickness is uniform. Whether the diameter meets the standard.
5. Observe the plasticization of the film, and handle the rigid block, crystal point and water mark in time.
6. Check whether the air reservoir pressure meets the requirements, and clean the oil-water separator in time.
7. Regularly correct the midpoint, balance and levelness of traction, die head and guide roller.
8. Check whether the current, temperature rise, speed, noise, accuracy and mechanical transmission of each operating motor meet the standards, and check the oil level and mechanical lubrication of the reduction gearbox of the film blower.
Doing well in the daily maintenance of the film blowing machine is equivalent to extending its service life, thus saving the production cost and bringing greater economic benefits to the enterprise.

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