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Problems encountered in operation of bag

  • Time:2020-05-24
The bag making machine is a kind of equipment for making all kinds of plastic bags or other material bags. Its processing range is all kinds of plastic or other material bags with different thickness, specification and size. In the process of bag making, the bag making machine sometimes encounters the situation that the heat seal of the bag making machine is incomplete and the seal is brittle or broken. What's the matter and how to solve it?
1. How to deal with the leakage or deterioration of contents caused by incomplete heat sealing of bag making machine?
Cause: the anti pollution heat sealing property of the film is not good, mainly because the resin used for the inner sealing layer is not suitable.
Solution: choose the film with good anti pollution heat sealing property. Generally speaking, EVA has good anti pollution heat sealing property when VA content is large, LDPE also has good anti pollution heat sealing property, and ionic resin and metallocene polymer have very good anti pollution heat sealing property.
2. How to make the seal brittle and brittle?
(1) Too much pressure;
(2) Too long heat sealing time;
(3) High heat seal temperature;
(4) The silicone rubber at the bottom of the seal is too hard;
(5) The edge of the upper sealer is too sharp or the polytetrafluoroethylene covered is damaged;
(6) In the process of compounding and curing, part of the adhesive will penetrate into the film. Due to the penetration of adhesive, the toughness (impact resistance) of base material will decrease, but the brittleness will increase;
(7) After cooling and placing, the heat sealing strength of the plastic composite packaging bag increases, and it also tends to become brittle.
(1) It is well covered with polytetrafluoroethylene cloth;
(2) Improve the surface condition of the upper heat sealing knife to make the surface of the sealer flat;
(3) Select the appropriate hardness of silicone rubber pad;
(4) According to the heat sealing characteristics of the inner seal material, the appropriate pressure, processing temperature and heat sealing time are selected.

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