FQB800-1300LB Vertical Automatic Strip-separating Machine
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Performance and Characteristics:

Use:This machine is suitable for separating and cutting such various roll mateiale as BOPP,PEL,CPP,CPE,PVC, aluminium foil and paper,etc, and can cut edge, separate and cut materiel according to different requirements during production. This device has an optical tracking, automatic correcting, tension control, rolling count of the excellent performance, simple operation, stable and reliable. Mainly used in plastic film, cellophane, paper, aluminum foil decile cut.
Main Teachnical Variables:







 Cutting Width


 Inner Diameter


Cutting thickness

 10-75um(平刀分切) 10-350um(圆刀分切)



 Correcting Accuracy






 Overall Dimension  2540×1370×1460mm

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